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If you have only ever tasted traditional fish caviar, why not try  the deliciously unique and exclusive snail caviar freshly imported from France!

If you have never had caviar before, treat yourself and experience the delicacy that has been the secret of a few,  but is now increasing in popularity.


Snail Caviar and Champagne are the latest trend in fine dining


Esquisite flavour

Experience a delicate flavour, surprising new sensations; the small mellow spheres from snail caviar will burst on your palate into a bloom of subtle flavours.


First the surprise, then the charm and finally the depth of ultimate delicacies. It has a  sensation of fresh dew, beaming pearls. Your mouth will experience the sensation of a walk in the forest after the rain, mushrooms and oak leaf flavours, a journey through autumn aromas.


You can enjoy your snail caviar on its own, or you can add a touch of double cream and savour it with a spoon. It goes well with blinis and you can even serve it with toast. For further inspiration have a look at the recipes section.

After many years of research, this snail caviar is exclusively hand gathered within DE JAEGER's snail-farm located in France. This is a country with a rich gastronomic heritage where tradition teaches people how to appreciate exceptional products.


These exquisite snail eggs are a great alternative to traditional caviar and are a new source of inspiration

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Legend states that snail caviar was sought by the gods of Antiquity !



The snails caviar comes from the Helix Aspersa Maxima snail - "Gros-Gris". Each snail only lays around 100 eggs and this happens once a year. This tiny precious amount is carefully collected. Our producer then uses a rigorous and unique process that has been perfected to create the highest quality snail caviar.



"The taste as woody, salty, with a hint of rosemary,

well suited to nutty ingredients such as truffle"

Joel Schaeffer, top chef from Luxembourg


Guide to caviar


There are 4 processing methods for fish caviar:

Malossol method, Salved Caviar / semi-preserved Caviar, Pressed Caviar & Pasteurised Caviar.

There are lots of varietes of fish caviar, the main ones are:

Beluga Caviar, Osetra Caviar / Ossetra Caviar / Oscietra Caviar / Asestra Caviar, Sevruga Caviar, Farmed Caviar, Baerii Caviar, White Sturgeon Caviar, American Caviar, Caspian Caviar, Iranian Caviar, Russian Caviar, Tzar Caviar, Caspian Sevruga caviar, Paddlefish Caviar, Hackleback Caviar, Bowfin Caviar, Salmon Caviar, Whitefish Caviar, Trout Caviar, Lumpfish Caviar, Capelin Caviar...


... and now, the Snail Caviar !



"It's completely different from sturgeon caviar,

both in terms of appearance and taste,"

Dominique Pierru


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"A lot of diners don't like ordinary caviar,

but this they find amazing"

Joel Schaeffer, top chef from Luxembourg


Our range


DE JAEGER Snail Caviar


The "DE JAEGER Snail Caviar" comes in 2 sizes: 30g and 50g.

snail eggs

(Shelf Life: 3 months)



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